The starting of my new road

posted on 15 Nov 2013 08:43 by xxkorxx
I have just started my new life for a month, it's quite hard to change my whole life style to new environment however it's changed abit till now.
I started this job since October and absolutely worked here to my 60 years old then retire my work and lay down on the sofa in my country side house. What a perfect life! ???
It's sound good but not. Maybe I like something exciting and imperfect, I should love thing in front of me now the way that many people jealous and wanna to be. Life is harder than I think, more older, more complicated, and more logical. Because of an age I can't make any decision with my whole feeling, it has to consist of reason and possibility so it means the adultaly life has hust begun.
This is the truth i have to accept and understand.
it's sad but fine. Cheer up myself.
I am a part of "Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand"
I am a fortunate girl. Let life goes on.... 
Ps. bad english now TT^TT